Guidelines related to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)

vom 13. Juni 2016 (EG-Kommission)

In order to ensure a coherent application of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) (replacing Directive 97/23/EC as of 19 July 2016), Guidelines are developed and agreed by the Commission’s Working Group „Pressure“ (WGP).

This working group is composed of representatives of Member States, European federations, the Notified Bodies Forum and CEN and chaired by a representative of the Commission services.

Most of the PED Guidelines developed for Directive 97/23/EC are issued as a PED Guideline under the new Directive 2014/68/EU. Also new Guidelines may be issued to support the implementation of the Directive. This document includes the PED Guidelines which are endorsed by the Working Group „Pressure“ (WGP).

Remarks or questions concerning this document should be addressed via the email to the unit in the European Commission dealing with the Pressure Equipment Directive:

Status of the guidelines

The PED Guidelines are not a legally binding interpretation of the Directive. The legally binding text remains that of the Directive. However, the PED Guidelines represent a reference for ensuring consistent application of the Directive. They represent, unless indicated differently in the respective guideline text, the unanimous opinion of the Member States.

Naming convention of the PED Guidelines

The PED Guidelines are referenced with the following format X-yy


X relates to the subject (A, B, C etc…);


yy is a sequential number.

Remark: To facilitate the transition to the new Guidelines the sequential number is maintained as far as possible (e.g. Guideline A-24 under the new PED 2014/68/EU corresponds to Guideline 1-24 under PED 97/23/EC)

The letter „X“ refers to one of the following subjects:

A. Scope and Exclusions of the Directive

B. Classification and Categories

guidelines-pressure-equipment-directive-2014-68-eu-classification-and-categories (PDF, 247 KB)

C. Assemblies

D. Evaluation Assessment Procedures

E. Interpretation of the essential Safety Requirements on Design

F. Interpretation of the essential Safety Requirements on Manufacturing

G. Interpretation of the essential Safety Requirements on Materials

H. Interpretation of other essential Safety Requirements

I. Miscellaneous

J. General-Horizontal Questions

Document history






Includes PED 2014-68-EU Guidelines from the WGP meeting of 11/03/2015


Includes PED Guidelines adopted via written procedure on 8/1/2016 and 15/1/2016 (links will be added in next version when all guidelines are included)